Ambergy Industrial

Saving energy in warehouses

Improves the energy performance

High renovation rate

A fundamentally different way of saving energy

Opened industrial doors lead to a significant loss of energy in heated warehouses …
mainly by air flow and draught
Ambergy prevents unnecessary energy loss due to opened doors …
plus encourages behavioral change among employees

Sensors on doors (wireless)

Controllers/switch at heaters (wireless)

User interface for employees

Data collection


energy monitoring

process optimisation


3 years of field test

1 year of research at TU Delft

  1. Energy savings … up to 28%
  2. Plug & play
  3. No structural facilities required
  4. No permissions required
  5. Start today!

For warehouses owned, leased or rented

A perfect fit for insulated & non-insulated warehouses

Start saving energy today!

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